Obtain Your Employer Identification Number Same Day To Start Your Business

Employer Identification Number or EIN can be described as a corporate version of social security number. It is also known as Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or Tax Identification Number (TIN). Anyone can obtain their EIN who has to pay employees withholding taxes. In general, EIN is a nine digit number assigned by the IRS. It can be issued to business owners, government agencies, partnerships, trusts and estates, sale proprietors, non-profit organizations and many more.

EIN or FEIN contains record of taxpayers who need to file several tax returns for their business. All businesses need ID to pay their employees and to file business tax returns. Being a business owner, you have to obtain EIN if the business is to be considered a LLC, Partnership, or Non-Profit organization. Gone are the days when obtaining Employer Identification Number was difficult and complicated. Nowadays, anyone can apply for ein online and receive it via email even on a same day.

If you are planning to start your business, then you can apply online for EIN or Tax ID, LLC Formation, S Corp, and Sole/Proprietor. With Easy Doc Filing LLC, it is just three easy step process. All you need to do is to Select Your Entity, Fill Out The Online Application and Gov Doc will handle the rest.Our online application is easy, to-the-point and efficient. We have replaced the lengthy EIN application process with an easy to understand process. Now, you can get your Tax ID Number even on same day via your email. Gov Doc Filling has a strong network of tax professionals that will help you obtain an EIN without any hassle. In addition, we also help you with the formation of your LLC by making the process easy, effective and affordable. Feel free to email us for further inquiries.