Credit Hub is your one stop destination for all financial requirements

The sole driving force behind Credit Hub Capital, keeping in mind its position as one of the leading private sector and licensed money lender Singapore, is to provide clients with a quick and easy gateway for access to monetary necessities. In simpler terms, if you are looking for an easy way to access cash in Singapore, especially through nontraditional routes, Credit Hub Capital is the place to be.

What makes Credit Hub the best choice?

There are a number of reasons why Credit Hub Capital has for the past seven years, made the leading reputation it today possesses in the sphere of private moneylending in Singapore

  1. Quick and Easy Application Procedure: – Clients have rewarded us with very positive feedback on the speediness of the work done here. Part of this save of valuable time comes from the absence of unnecessary paperwork. In fact, the first step towards applying for a loan at Credit Hub can be done by simply filling out an application form online. In most cases, our very competent and helpful staff will get back with a response within an hour or less. Furthermore, our rapid loan approval rate and minimal requirement of documents prove very beneficial to customers looking for a non-traditional route to monetary access.
  2. Diverse Clientele Experience: – We here at Credit Hub cater to a wide variety of clientele. Our recognition as a legal registered private moneylending organization allows us to deal with the needs of both native and permanent residents of Singapore, as well as to non-resident clientele. Employees here are thus equipped to deliver fast and easy routes to cash, despite client specific dilemmas.
  3. A Customized Experience: As our modus operandi, we choose to prioritize the specialized interests of each and every client who chooses Credit Hub. We realize that for us to truly realize this moto, a customized client experience is crucial. Customized loan services at Credit Hub include a comprehensive and logical payment plan, as well as reasonable and updated interest rates. We take into consideration the specific needs you have as well as the budget you believe will meet them in our assessment while undergoing the process of loan approval
  4. Accommodates Rough past Credit History: A bumpy credit history should not deter you from considering us as your go-to for loans of any kind. Credit Hub employees are trained to work around less than favorable situations. The safety and convenience of our clientele continue to be our top priority.
  5. A Safe Place to Get Loans: – Credit Hub Capital possesses a legal license to provide loans within Singapore. In doing so, our associations continue to adhere rigorously to the Moneylenders Act and Rules. Such adherence ensures that the safety and privacy of our customers are protected at all times, in the best way possible. At no point in time, will any unauthorized information be displayed or shared on a public platform, in conformity to our client confidentiality policies. In short, at no point in time, will the interests of the client party be compromised.

A closer look at the loans Credit Hub offers:

Credit Card Hub, since 2010, has been dedicated to the uncovering of suitable financial fixes to a wide variety of customers. The services for monetary assistance offered by our organization center around four categories

  • Foreigner Loans: – Loans that deal with getting quick cash to foreign nationals in Singapore.
  • Business Loans – Loans for the business enterprises and entrepreneurial avenues you might have.
  • Payday Loans: – Loans that bank on the existence of a payroll and employment record under the name of the client in concern
  • Personal Loans Credit Hub Capital tackles each step of the process with customer satisfaction as the top priority. Our speedy loan approval rates have led us to acquire quite a name within Singapore. Furthermore, in today’s rush hour world of cookie cutter interpersonal encounter, we here at Credit Hub ensure you a completely customized experience, with an emphasis on the needs and limitations at hand.

Our experience handling a wide range of client needs has made us all the more aware of the level of specificity each loan request brings to the table. We offer each of our clients a well-researched repayment scheme that fits in easily to living conditions. Credit Hub remains a constant choice, therefore, among all income groups. We do not turn away clientele on the basis of past credit card history. Do not let this be a deterrent in sending us an application.  We understand and respect that many of our clients come to us in emergency situations. At Credit Hub, we do our best to accommodate clients with genuine financial difficulties, who are not at times able to solve their dilemmas through the traditional route of bank loan approval.  Finally, all transactions are carried out keeping in mind the safety and well-being of the client at hand.

The Three Step Application Procedure

Applying for a loan at Credit Hub Capital is neither tedious nor taxing. With the help of the following steps, your experience with our organization will no doubt be a memorable one.

STEP 1:- Fill out an online application for a loan request. This can be done by simply visiting our website.( and filling out an application under the loan category that best fits your situation

STEP 2:- Wait for our highly efficient staff to contact you with details regarding your case. (This step usually is completed within an hour) STEP 3:- Submit all necessary documents as and when required.

For instance, if you were applying for a personal loan, you would only require the following documents:

  • NRIC Identification Card
  • Any Proof of latest billing
  • Latest 3 months of your payslip
  • Letter of Employment

At Credit Hub, we understand that the word ‘personal’ may at times be accompanied by a lack of reason. Valuing such personal discretion, we choose to not badger our clientele with unnecessary substantiation of monetary need. Unlike banks, we do not require documents that further substantiate that the funds being provided are indeed being used to further the same purpose initially underlined. A simple adherence to the documents in question would thereby require a proof of age (21 years and above) as well as proof of being a legal Singapore citizen, permanent resident, or worker with a valid work permit. We take the specific conditions clients find themselves in while framing a customized solution that will serve both parties well. Loan approval under us is an easy process that simply requires adherence to certain basic criteria

Credit Hub is always present to help you with finances

If you are in need of fast monetary assistance in an emergency situation or otherwise, Credit Hub Capital guarantees to help you through your hard time. If you have any questions regarding specific policies or facilities provided by our organization, it might be a good idea to scroll through our online repository of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), which can be reached through the attached URL. any persisting questions or comments on our organization and the customized services we offer can easily be answered through a phone call, email or a drop by to our office in Singapore. Our highly trained and specialized staff will be happy to discuss and answer any queries you may have. Remember, no financial fix is too far gone for us to solve. Trust in Credit Hub and the plethora of options we provide you with.